You have gone through my previous  blog , Now you are good in module Builder and studio stuff. Well done!

Now It’s time to take a one Step Forward, today we are going to have some fun with fields.

First thing to be note down that SuiteCRM support 21 types of fields till 7.10. It is quite necessary to understand all kinds of fields and how they render into different views.


Now move into the custom module , create one field for each type of 21 fields , so let us say you have 21 new fields into your module.

Create a new Panel , called “My Custom field Panel ” into your Editview, DetailView”. Drop all of your new fields into this panel , save them into EditView, DetailView, ListView,Advance Search and Popups.

Now Have a closer look on differences.

Key things to note:

1-If we are talking about Email Address field,it will behave differently on each view.Let’s take a look.

  • In Editview-It will look like a widget.For Example-

  • In Detailview-By click on Email address,Compose Mail window will popup.

  • In Listview-It will be display like this-

2-While Making an Address field, it will come up with setup of all required address fields i.e street, city , state , zip code  and country.

3-Phone/Integer fields accepts only number in editview.

4-Currency Field

  • Go to Admin-> Currency Section->Set up currencies and conversion rates,for example-


  • Now  Currency field fetched the currency from Currency Section.And will appear like this-

There are a lot of things  to notice while playing with fields, each field comes with many Pre-Set Rules.You need to know a lot about fields and their display/adoption behavior on different views.


So many more good things are coming down in the SuiteCRM,Just keep Learning!

In next article ( Day 3), we will going to start real development things like Logic Hooks and  Make JavaScript based changes on different views.

At Day 4 blog, we will be doing some advance level changes with our “Life Saver ” Library , we call it “Outright Utils”. It is free to download and use.

Our library makes developer life easy in many ways. It has several predefined functions with easy naming and parameters.




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Business Leads · February 21, 2019 at 7:17 am

I just added this website to my google reader, excellent stuff. Can not get enough!

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