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Fresh SuiteCRM Installation Guide Steps For LAMP

1. Download latest SuiteCRM from website.

2. Extract downloaded file.

3. Copy the extracted folder into your www directory.

4. Give permission to CRM folder. Use chmod -R 777 /<directory path>.

5. Add error reporting code in index page of CRM.Like




6. Now open localhost and give CRM directory name. Like localhost/yourcrmname.

7. Change the Upload File Size from  nano /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini like 100Mb.

8. Setup Database configuration :

  • Database name <yourdb_name>

  • Hostname <localhost>

  • User<your phpmyadmin username>

  • Password<your phpmyadmin password>.

    Site Configuration:

  • SuiteCRM Application Admin Name: Anything you want.

  • SuiteCRM Admin User Password : yourpassword.

  • URL of SuiteCRM Instance :localhost/<your_crm_directory_name>.

  • Email Address: <Your email id>.

Then Press Ok.


Now SuiteCRM Ready To Use.


Thank You.

Method Overloading in OOP in PHP ?

We can not implement overloading by create 2 function in with same name in class as we do in java or C++.So to implement overloading in php we will take help of magic method __call. Magic method __call invoked when method called by class object is not available in class.Now call method will provide us 2 argument, 1st name of the method called and parameter of the function.

Now with the help of either switch , case or if else we will implement overloading in php.

Following is very simple example of overloading in php.

class test
public function __construct()
//Your logic for constructor
public function __call($method_name , $parameter)
if($method_name == "overlodedFunction") //Function overloading logic for function name overlodedFunction
$count = count($parameter);
case "1":
//Business log in case of overlodedFunction function has 1 argument
echo "You are passing 1 argument<br>";
case "2": //Incase of 2 parameter
echo "You are passing 2 parameter<br>";
throw new exception("Bad argument");
throw new exception("Function $method_name does not exists ");
$a = new test();
$a->overlodedFunction("techflirt" , "ankur");


You are passing 1 argument
You are passing 2 parameter



Why do we serialize our data?

If you have a data structure that you need to store on disk or transfer across a network, serialization is a good solution. The disk or network know how to store or transfer data, but they don’t understand the way a particular language stores data. Serialization provides a standard process for a language or programming environment to translate its data structures into a standard format. If multiple languages agree on the format, serialization can even provide a way for otherwise incompatible systems to exchange data.