No doubt CRM is most important thing for companies now days. If we think about communication system through call, sms in SugarCRM then best available option can be Twilio. With the help of Twilio API in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM, we can more engage and respond to customer when actually required.
Communication when actually it needed play a most important role to maintain existing customer or create new customer. Every customer is important and special and every customer is high priority. This model always increases revenue. So basically communication on voice, video, sms, Whatsapp are very important. Calling System through Twilio is most widely used and very good response. Twilio helps a lot to make system more interactive and engage with customer.

Twilio API in SugarCRM and SuiteCRM

How sweet if we don’t assign any real person for it and a robot do all things for us.
Twilio is playing good role in this and make communication better via right tools and AI.

Twilio API provides lot of features to make things easy in automation. There are lot of API available in Twilio like programmable SMS, programmable voice, Chat, Audio, Autopilot, FAX etc which are very easy in integration.

Although SugarCRM is packed with lot of great features if we talk about development. One of the best features which I like mostly is LogicHooks. Through logic hook we can trigger various actions. With the help of logic hook we can make implementation of Twilio much easier.
Here are some methods below which can be use in integration

Using SugarCRM Connector

SugarCRM has a feature connectors to integrate any third party API inside SugarCRM. With the hep of connectors we can keep Twilio library separate and integrate inside SugarCRM.

After setup connector a logic hook named after_ui_frame can be use to add some javascript code to append click to call or message or something other which required in SugarCRM detail view. If you want to append something in list view logic hook process_record can be used for this and implement twilio inside SugarCRM.

Using SugarCRM Custom Field

Another idea is create a custom phone field with twilio features with connectors. and create easily and manage from studio. Custom phone field can be create in /custom/include/SugarFields/Fields/ . In this folder structure you can develop your own phone field and use in studio.

Finally there are lot of way to integrate twilio inside SugarCRM and you can choose better for your project and increase company revenue.

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Dan Startz · January 10, 2019 at 9:34 am

very interesting details you have mentioned, thankyou for putting up.

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