What is Included in Custom Mobile App Development?

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Last Updated: May 15, 2024

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There are tons of applications available on Play Store that are now even downloaded, neither anyone ever prefers to work on them.

A lot of reasons are associated with this blunder, but if a company creates a powerful marketing campaign for digital mobile applications, then, it’s easier for the audience to learn about the applications and download it eventually.

Have you ever learnt about the custom mobile app development services that are offered by different agencies, and they tend to create a benchmark within the market?

A web application development company is responsible for catering the unique requirements of the client, and come up with a concrete solution backed with modernized technologies.

In this blog, we are going to cover up the main attributes and things that are included in the custom app development.

But, before we jump into the main topic of discussion, let’s first learn about the interesting statistics about app design and development industry.

Are you excited to unfold these statistics with us?

Mobile App Revenue – A Deeper Insight

According to vlinkinfo, the market size for app downloads is expected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 13.4% between 2022 and 2030 and reach around a total of USD 565.40 billion by the end of 2030. Isn’t it a huge number?

This statistic clearly shows the opportunity of growth for the app developers, and how far they’ve come along with years as customers are now more dependent on the apps rather than anything else.

Moreover, mobile apps are likely to produce more than 613 billion dollars in revenue by the end of 2025, and with mobile games accounting for the largest portion of the total revenue ratio.

Mobile App Development and Downloads Ratio – Statistics and Facts

According to recent research, Play Store was responsible for 110.0 billion downloads in 2022, and most of them were iOS applications.

The total count of iOS applications is around 32.6 billion downloads which is huge. Most of them were games and we all know how crazy the youth is for customized gaming experiences.

More than 21% of the Millennials open an app more than 50 times every day. These apps include Fitness and Health check applications, Camera (selfie) friendly applications, Billing applications, social networking applications and a lot more.

You can even try run these tests with yourself. Monitor how many apps you open in a day on average and see how much dependent you’re on these apps.

More than 49% of the users open 11 apps in a day and you can multiply this number to get the data for a week or month.

Therefore, mobile applications accounted for 70% of total growth of all American digital media consumption. But the interesting fact is, more than 85% of the apps on the Play Store are not even downloaded or used by anyone on the planet. Sounds strange!

We would conclude this interesting section by listing one more statistic, an average smartphone owner utilizes ten apps a day, and 30 apps monthly.

Are you one of them? Let us know in the comments section.

Let’s start the discussion of customized app development services that are leading the way in design.

Custom Mobile App Development Services – What’s Included In This?

In this section, we are going to list down the things that are included in the custom app development services. Note that, it’s based on our research, and some companies prefer to offer more than this.

1.      Mobile App Designing

The first thing that is included in the custom app development is “designing” of the application. Custom app development involves the concrete, and intuitive designing of the applications following the unique principles of design.

App design is tailored to meet the unique needs of the business, and all the app designers are preferred to follow this guideline to meet the standards of the industry.

You can even read this blog, and learn about the key steps that lead to a successful software development.

2.      Mobile App Development

Of course, after the successful designing of the app UI/UX, the next steps lead to app development where the app developers are responsible for developing the backend of the application.

Some prefer to choose cross platform app development technologies, whereas, some prefer to choose native technologies.

Cross platform technologies and Native, both are a great choice for app development.  There are different technologies and frameworks available in the market like, React Native, Flutter, Swift, Node JS etc.

However, you read up guides on flutter vs react native and know which one is the best choice for your app as per the requirements drafted at the start.

For instance, a taxi app development cost will lie somewhere between $15,000 to $22,000 or more depending on the complexities of the application.

However, if there are a lot of APIs integrations then, undoubtedly the pricing will increase. Hence, it’s suggested to the clients to connect with the company first and learn what they’re offering in the custom app development services, and how much the customization will cost.

3.      Final Integration of the Modules

Once the technology stack, and wireframes of the apps are finalized from the clients, the next step is leading to final integration of the modules to build the app.

In this stage, the client can ask for customization and it could be done by the app designer and developer both.

This approach will help the clients to stand out in the market from the competitors, and offer a unique feature that isn’t available in the competitor’s apps. Sounds interesting, no?

4.      Mobile App Testing

The custom mobile app development also includes the rigorous testing of the application that ensures that the app meets the client’s requirement and none of the bugs remain unsolved.

Yes, the testing team is responsible for creating test cases along with different scenarios to test the app and ensure that it’s not showing any error message.

This is one of the most important stages of the app development lifecycle because if any bug is missed and the app is deployed in the real time environment then, the app development firm has to face the consequences.

5.      Mobile App Maintenance

The custom mobile app development also includes the app maintenance where the app maintenance experts are responsible for checking the app, and doing maintenance of different modules.

It also includes the support services that need to be provided to the clients at any time of the day. Maintenance services include,

–          Corrective maintenance

–          Preventive maintenance

–          Adaptive maintenance

–          Perfective maintenance

–          Emergency maintenance

–          Routine maintenance

–          Content updates

–          Optimization maintenance

–          Security maintenance

–          Compatibility maintenance

–          User Interface maintenance

–          Database maintenance

These were few of the types of app maintenance that needed to be included within the services. You can always connect with the experts and learn about the types.

6.       Mobile App Deployment

The sixth service that is included in the custom app development is app deployment and it’s one of the most interesting and exciting phases.

In this phase, the marketing team is also involved because they work on the marketing strategies along with app details, descriptions, UI/UX snippets and hashtags that will be included in the Play Store description box.

All of these details need to be done beforehand because if anything is missed, the app won’t be published on the App Store.

The deployment experts are responsible for seamlessly deploying the application in the real time environment and make it available for the users to download and use.

For example, if you read up a guide on “how to create a dating app” you will learn all the steps from early requirement elicitation to the seamless deployment of the application.

Pro Tip — Always read up the policies on Google Play Store or Apple Store before you start the publish process.

7.      App Analytics Tracking (Performance)

A detailed and excellence-oriented app development firm will always offer “analytics tracking” service as a core part of the custom app development to track the progress of the application.

It enables them to maintain a track of the performance of the application, and get valuable insights of data that will help them create a flowchart to show success stories to new clients.

You can even connect with the clients and ask them to share their feedback on surveys conducted after the deployment of the application. To be honest, this really helps!

8.      App Security Check

Lastly, the custom mobile app development services include the app security check which involves the integration of Antiviruses software and other APIs that keep the app secured from unauthorized access and other malware attacks.

This enables the users to ensure that the app will remain compatible throughout the process with all the latest operating systems, and will never allow any unauthorized access to enter into the protected data.

Wrapping up – Are you ready to take consultation for customized App Development?

And we are done for the day. We hope you enjoyed learning about the different statistics, and services that are included in the custom mobile app development.

As we have discussed before too, these are the services that most of the companies offer, but still there are firms that offer very few of them.

Always do a bit of research of the company before signing up with them. Happy Reading!

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