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Last Updated: May 8, 2024

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SuiteCRM is a “self-proclaimed” world’s number one open source CRM software, but apart from this, they have proprietary solutions as well. One of them is known as SuiteCRM: OnDemand. Another product is called SuiteAssured, it is a separate build of SuiteCRM with a maintained, tested, and product-managed build. In this article, we will discuss SuiteCRM pricing for its different products. Along with this, we’ll also highlight some key features of every product. Without further ado, let’s take a look at both of these CRM solutions one by one.

What is SuiteAssured?

SuiteAssured is a version of SuiteCRM that is separately maintained and tested. It is bound with a legal agreement that provides additional security like warranties, performance guarantees, support, and insurance/indemnities to its users. Now, let’s see what features this solution has got.

  1. All features of SuiteCRM: SuiteAssured has got all the features that are available in SuiteCRM. You can either deploy it on the cloud or on-premises. Also, you will get all the modules like Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Quotes, Calendar, Cases, Documents, Emails, Campaigns, Calls, Meetings, etc. However, it doesn’t include experimental and immature modules like events, maps, and spots. Just like SuiteCRM, SuiteAssured also has an open-source AGPL license.
  2. Extensive Support: Based on the number of users, you will get annual support and care hours accordingly. Apart from that, there will be a number of online resources as well that can help you get through the problems. These support hours can be utilized for various Salesagility services like user training, technical support, consultation, custom development, etc.
  3. Warranties: When you acquire the SuiteAssured as your CRM then it will come with a warranty that states the core and custom code will be free from all major and possible programming errors. Even after that, if you discover any bug then Salesagility will fix it for you.
  4. Stable code structure: SuiteCRM is always under development in order to become a better software, but sometimes due to constant experimentation, the source code becomes unstable and bug-prone. In SuiteAssured, you won’t face such shortcomings because all the experimental code has been retracted from the software. Hence the final product has completely stable and vigorous features.
  5. Impenetrable security: Every version of SuiteAssured is gone through penetration testing and vulnerability scanning to make sure the platform integrity is top-notch. The tests are performed by internal teams as well as third-party security experts.

The SuiteCRM pricing of SuiteAssured is based on two different factors. First, how many users are going to utilize the software, and second, whether it’s going to be a single-site solution or multisite solution. To learn about the exact pricing, you need to contact the SuiteCRM sales or support team.

What is SuiteCRM:OnDemand?

Suite: OnDemand is just like the SuiteCRM, an open-source solution, but it is hosted on the Salesagility servers. This makes SuiteCRM: OnDemand one of the most affordable cloud-based CRM solutions. It has three different hosting packages- (i) Starter (ii) Business and (iii) Premium. And the best thing is that all three of them support unlimited users. Below we have compared the pricing and features of these platforms.

  • Starter: The Starter plan is priced at £95 per month. Although all of the plans support unlimited users, Salesagility recommends keeping the number between 1-10 users. The performance of this hosting will be standard with 5 GB of storage. In addition to this, you will get weekly snapshots and offsite backups as well. When it comes to user/tech support, you will only get forum or community support.
  • Business: The Starter plan is priced at £332.50 per month. Salesagility recommends businesses to have 5-50 users. This plan has enhanced performance with 40 GB of storage. The scheduled tasks will take place after every 2 minutes. In this plan, the user will get 16 support hours in a year. Along with it, there will be daily snapshots and off-site backups too. For those, who want to learn about the platform, there will be admin and user online training as well.
  • Premium: This is the plan that Suite: OnDemand has to offer. The SuiteCRM pricing of this plan is £475 per month. The recommended number of users for the highest performance is between 10-150. In this, you will get storage of 120 GB and 32 support hours in a year. In addition to the admin and user online training, there will be an annual health check of your CRM as well.

All three SuiteCRM plans that we have mentioned above are available for a 30-days free trial. If you want to further enhance the features and functionalities of this software then you can use SuiteCRM Plugins for that purpose.

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