Are you a SuiteCRM developer? Well experienced or game starter? Writing SQL code , logic hooks all the day? This blog going to save your bunch of hours every day!

Excited to learn about it? Yeah!

  1. Have a fun SQL  e.g. “$account_sql = ‘select name from accounts where id =’XXXX””  Just get it by $my_account = outright_run_sql_one_row($account_sql);
  2. just type in $my_account[‘name’];
  3. Does not looks much fun  , here we only started..
  4. You have to save something into account like $data_array[‘name’] =’Ashish’;
  5. simply call outright_save(‘Accounts’,$data_array).
  6. Wana send email to someone ?
  7. just put outright_send_email(“[email protected]”,”my subject”,”My Email body”)
  8. Want to do a complete repair by script?
  9. just call outright_do_repair();
  10. want load_relationship between modules?
  11. outright_load_relationship($module1 , $module2)

    Seems fun?

    Just download package from our store. Link is at top right corner..
    Additionaly you can download zip from my Git Account..
    Have fun in coding.



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