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Are you looking for a plagiarism detector online that can identify plagiarism 100% accurately? Are you tired of using unprofessional plagiarism detectors online? 

Don’t worry buddy, I have got you covered!

After testing dozens of plagiarism checkers online, I’m here with the best one that provides 100% accurate results. The name of this premium tool is Now a lot of you may think, why should we trust this random person?

This is because I’m a full-time blogger with over 7 years of experience. During my blogging journey, I have used many plagiarism checkers but has charmed me in a different way that I will be discussing today. In this blog, I will share my first-hand experience with this amazing tool. 

So, let’s hop into our discussion without any delay!

Introduction to is an artificially intelligent plagiarism checker that operates online and provides 100% accurate plagiarism reports. It has access to large databases and it compares user’s text with the data on these databases to calculate the originality and plagiarism percentage.

This plagiarism checker online is a proficient tool that detects different types of plagiarism. The types of plagiarism it can detect are given below:

  • Direct Plagiarism – it occurs when a person copies someone else’s exact words as their own. 
  • Indirect Plagiarism – it occurs when a person copies someone else’s ideas but changes the wording.

Note: Only proficient tools can detect indirect plagiarism and plagiarism checker AI is one such tool. 

Working of

AI plagiarism checker online works in three simple steps which are given below: 

  1. Analysis:

In the first step, the plagiarism checker analyzes your text. 

  1. Comparison:

In the second step, it compares your text with text on large databases. It compares word level, semantic level, and stylistic level to provide a comprehensive analysis. 

  1. Digitization:

After the comparison is done, the results are digitized and made available for the user. 


Using a plagiarism checker online is a piece of cake thanks to its user-friendly interface. The following are the steps that you have to take to use plagiarism checker AI:

  • Open here web browser and search The plagiarism checker online will be opened in your browser.

  • You will see a dialogue box, there are three options to add your text i.e. enter your text, upload a file, and enter a URL. 

  • Once text is added to the tool, click on the “Check Plagiarism” button. The processing of the tool will begin. 

  • In a couple of seconds, the plagiarism checker AI will provide the results of plagiarism detection. You can also download the complete report. 

  • There is another unique function of this tool that allows it to bypass plagiarism by paraphrasing text. Simply move your cursor to the plagiarized sentence and click on the “Remove Plagiarism” option. Once the plagiarism is removed copy the text and paste it into the desired document.  

  • These 5 simple steps hardly take 2 minutes to complete which is very quick and the results are 100% accurate. This is the best alternative to Turnitin. 

Benefits of

Plagiarism checker online offers a whole lot of benefits that are not provided by any of its contemporary tools. These benefits are mentioned below:

  • Deep Plagiarism Check: Plagiarism checker AI offers deep plagiarism checking that compares the text with text from large databases at word, semantic, and structural levels ensuing identification of both direct and indirect plagiarism.

  • AI Plagiarism Checking: this tool uses AI technology to check plagiarism which ensures quick and 100% accurate plagiarism detection. 

  • Language Support: this online plagiarism detector can detect plagiarism in 25 different languages that are widely spoken around the globe. So, it is not only for English language users, it is also for those who write in their native language. 

  • Color Differentiation: AI plagiarism detector differentiates plagiarized text and original text by Emphasizing them in different colors. The color of the plagiarized text is red while the color of the original text is green.

  • Plagiarism Percentage: This plagiarism detector online also provides the percentages of plagiarized text and original text in the side panel, so the user can identify whether his text needs amendment or not. 

  • Sources List: It provides the list of sources that have been plagiarized in the text. To get the plagiarized source in a specific sentence, hover over the sentence and the source will appear in the side panel.

  • Plagiarism Report: It offers downloadable plagiarism reports that provide the percentage, highlight the text that has been plagiarized, and carefully list the sources that have been copied.

  • Plagiarism removal: This tool Has a built-in paraphrasing tool that rewrites the text to remove plagiarism in a few seconds. 

  • Processing Time: The processing time of this tool is just a couple of seconds thanks to its AI processor.

  • Processing Limit: This tool can check plagiarism in 25,000 words of text at a time which is a large processing limit.

These are the benefits that make the Plagiarism checker an authentic and 100% accurate tool. 

Pricing of

Plagiarism checker AI can be used for free to check plagiarism in the 1500-words text. However, if you want to check plagiarism in a larger text then you have to buy a subscription. There are two different subscription options available which are given below:

  • Basic subscription – it costs $5 per month and a user can detect plagiarism in 10,000 words. 
  • Professional subscription – it costs $10 per month and a user can detect plagiarism in 100,000 words. 

You can choose a subscription according to your usage requirements. For me, I got the monthly subscription after initially using it for free. 


In short, is the most accurate plagiarism detector online that quickly and 100% accurately identifies the plagiarism in a given text. 

It is a must-have tool for teachers, students, writers and bloggers. It is super handy as it can detect plagiarism in text in 25 different languages. So, don’t waste any time and try today. It will surely change your life like it did for me.

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