The Future of Art: Exploring Canvas Artificial Intelligence Tools

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Last Updated: June 17, 2024

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The world today is almost fully digital and has embraced graphics and other forms of images, hence the need for great design apps. Canva, the widely used design tool today, has changed the way we design unique graphics and is backed by advanced AI technology.

It makes sense that 75% of marketing executives view it as a crucial tool in their toolbox. Since gen AI is becoming more and more relevant, a lot of tools have added it to their current feature set to improve usability and expedite the generation of content.

Canva is one such program that makes use of AI. Canva AI and its amazing AI features have been the talk of the town.

In this blog, we’ll learn how Canva Artificial Intelligence will help users save time and bring another level of creativity into designing through the help of generative AI. As a graphic designer, an owner of a small business, or just a graphics enthusiast, Canva’s new AI capabilities will bring you a step up in your design skills. allowing you to effortlessly explore and create unique AI art.

What is Canva AI?

Canva AI is Canva’s smartest part, a component that is integrated into the Canva design tool, which makes use of algorithms and processes.

These specific Canva features are collectively known as the “Magic Studio” within the application interface and consist of seven AI tools in total: Magic Eraser, Background Remover, Magic Switch, Magic Morph, Magic Grab, Magic Expand, and Magic Animate.

Millions of web pages need to be ready for the AI component to work. After that, it employs LLMs and machine learning to understand the latent context and the structure of the existing sources in an attempt to discern patterns that would then be used in the creation of new material.

It helps not only the authors, graphic designers, and videographers but every person working in creative fields. Hence, it avails an individual the opportunity to perform as an expert animator, graphic designer, copywriter, or video editor, among others.

Canva AI Pricing:

Canva Pro: $12.95 per month

  • 24/7 customer support
  • Social media post scheduler
  • 20 AI-powered tools
  • Background removal
  • Premium templates

Canva for Teams – $30 user/ per month

  • Everything in Canva Pro
  • Brand controls for brand consistency
  • Team reports and insights
  • Priority customer support

Canva AI: Magic Tools


  • AI text-to-image generator
  • AI Text-to-Video Generator
  • AI Magic Edit


  • Magic Eraser
  • Magic Designs
  • Magic Switch
  • Magic Morph
  • Magic Grab
  • Magic Expand
  • Magic Animate
  • Magic Write

Top Useful Canva AI Tools:-

Canva AI: Text To Image Generator:

Text-to-Image Generator is an innovative feature of Canva, where without uploading any image or graphic, you can describe them in words, and Canva artificial intelligence will create images for you. This amazing tool leverages the advances of artificial intelligence to turn written text input in a description into an image and break creative boundaries.

Canva’s AI Text-to-image generator gives it a try and see how you can create something out of the ordinary. Whether you want to draw inspiration for a new graphic design, illustrate your creative works like a writer, or develop a concept for your marketing campaign, this tool helps you to express your ideas and come up with a unique and engaging picture. It can be considered a better substitute for Open AI’s DALLE.

It remains as simple a process as one could imagine. The users only have to type the messages they want to be generated, and the AI-efficient algorithm interprets the description, understanding the differences and details of the desired text. In less than ten seconds, the accuracy of the generated image to the given text can be considered impressive and always visually appealing.

How to use Canva AI Text To Image Generator:-

Open Canva and go to “Magic Studio”

Select “Text to Image”

Click on try “Magic Media”

Magic Media

Click on “Try it Out”

Try it Out

Enter a detailed text prompt describing the desired image

Desired Image

Here the given prompt is

“Create an image of a dragon flying over a small village. The dragon should have large, detailed wings, and the village should have quaint cottages and cobblestone streets. Villagers are looking up in awe as the dragon soars overhead in a clear sky”

The generated image appears in Canvas based on the prompt

Prompt Plus Image

Download or export the final generated image

Canva AI: Text To Video Generator

The AI text-to-video generator in Canva completely redefines the process of video making, where the user can directly get an interesting video from the mere text description. This great tool would incorporate and apply intricate AI to read out elaborative text prompts and convert the same into engaging videos.

They could directly provide detailed specifications regarding scenes, activities, actors, locations, context, and any other factors they wish to include. After that, the AI would take this textual information in and generate a consequent animated video sequence, which would illustrate and visualize the described concepts.

Users have a chance to review the generated videos and correct the mistakes in their creation, they could work on the outcomes iteratively, thereby getting the desired results. This technology allows writers of different experiences to transform their ideas into a creative story with added dimension in an entertaining video format, skipping the elaborate steps involved in production. It gives tough competition to generative AI tools like Runway AI and Open AI’s Sora.

How To Use AI Text-to-Video Generator?

Open Canva and go to “Magic Studio”

Magic Studio

Select “Text to Video”

Text to Video

Click on try “Magic Media”

Magic Media

Enter a detailed text prompt describing the desired video

described image

Here the given prompt is

“Create a video of a flying plane over a Big city. The plane should have large, detailed wings, and the city should have quaint cottages and cobblestone streets. the city is looking up in awe as the city soars overhead in a clear sky.”

The generated video appears in Canvas based on the prompt

generated video

Download or export the final generated video

Canva AI: Magic Edit

Do you want to transform a portion of an image into something more eye-catching? Or would you like to give your phone’s screen a background?

While manual editing requires a lot of tweaking, Magic Edit saves the day from tedious photo editing. You can change a portion of an image with a single click, or you can replace it with anything else.

Here are some fantastic suggestions for applying this AI photo-editing program:

  • Alter the image’s background to a certain season, a beach scene, or a mountain range.
  • Alter the costumes for a holiday.
  • You can add or remove the current phone screen image.
  • Modify an element’s or the image’s overall color scheme.

Open Canva and go to “Magic Studio”

Magic Studio

Click on try “Magic Media”

try magic media

Click On “Magic Edit”

Magic Edit

Now select “Try Magic Edit”

try magic edit

Enter Your Prompt

Here the given prompt is

“change shirt color to red ”

described image

  • The generated image appears in Canvas based on the prompt
  • Download or export the final generated image

Canva AI: Magic Eraser

Mgic Eraser

The Magic Eraser is one of the greatest inventions that can help to save time! Using the brush cursor, you can click to easily erase the unwanted objects from the image. Hence, it only needs a few seconds to delete and blur the photographs unlike what it used to take an hour or more before.

This is a good replacement for Photoshop and has a relatively small learning curve. However, Magic Eraser does not completely delete this background. You can use Canva’s feature called the ‘backdrop Remover’ that will assist in eliminating the backdrop while not compromising the quality of the image.

Canva AI: Magic Designs

Magic Design

The best feature of Canva AI is Magic Design, which does away with the laborious process of creating graphics from scratch.

In the past, designers would choose templates from a library and then alter them to create pictures by adding unique shapes, logos, and typefaces. You may personalize a premade template with your text and brand voice by using the Canva AI Magic Design function.

Canva will provide the best designs for your brand based only on a description of your image.

Its versatility in producing movies and presentations is even more fascinating.

Canva AI: Magic Switch

Magic Switch

Canva revealed a new feature of the application known as the AI Magic Switch that enables users to change the style of a particular text or an object within a Canva design with a single tap. This new capability leverages the integration of AI technology in a way that it can scan the existing design elements and then offer an array of new styles that would be suitable for the general theme.

The AI advises options for designing new elements in a way that creates a coherent ensemble with the existing design.

With the help of the AI Magic Switch, changes that involve graphic design become significantly easier since most of the work that used to be done manually is eliminated.

Consider using Canva’s Magic Switch tool to improve your design process. For users of Canva Magic Studio, this potent tool is a game-changer because it lets you quickly and easily swap between various layouts and design features.

With the Magic Switch, you can accomplish the following:

  • Translate any language into your design or document.
  • Change and convert your file type to Word.
  • Any format can be resized to any resolution.

Canva AI: Magic Morph

Magic Morph

As the name suggests, Magic Morph allows you to use AI text prompts to morph texts, components, or objects. Playing with it or using it for your college assignments is a lot of fun. However, it doesn’t seem to be a useful tool for experts and marketers.

Keep in mind that you can only morph graphics or dynamic objects—not actual photos.

With Magic Morph, you may alter the text, elements, and forms in your design using AI text suggestions. This makes it possible to use original pictures and inventive techniques for marketing materials like banners, pamphlets, and social media graphics.

Canva is renowned for assisting non-designers in producing high-quality designs. Although Magic Morph is entertaining to play with, it leads users in the wrong way because it’s simple to create cheesy, poorly coordinated designs. Using Canva’s example prompts, or modifying them slightly, usually yields the most visually appealing outcomes.

Canva AI: Magic Grab

Magic Grab

Magic Grab transforms static photos into editable ones by utilizing Canva artificial intelligence to fill in the gaps. Similar to Canva’s Background Remover tool, it quickly and easily removes the laborious design process that was previously required. I promise that this will rapidly turn into a necessary component of your workflow.

A related tool called “Grab Text” can also be used to convert static text into editable text. This tool functions rather well, but it isn’t really helpful because it doesn’t provide an exact match because it uses Canva’s font library to simulate the static text.

Canva AI: Magic Expand

Magic Expand

Magic Expand extends your image’s borders using artificial intelligence. It’s a helpful function, however, to get the best results, you have to adjust due to its inconsistent quality.

It works especially well with expansive landscapes as opposed to intricate backgrounds.

The way Magic Expand functions is by stretching your photo backgrounds to match the design of your website. For straightforward backgrounds like landscapes, it’s a respectable function, but it still needs some tweaking to get good results.

Canva AI: Magic Animate

Magic Animate

Explore the new features of Canva Magic Animate to improve your design powers within Canva Magic Studio even further.

Your designs can come to life with gorgeous animations and transitions when you use Canva Magic Animate. Canva Magic Animate may be used to generate eye-catching effects for your brand’s logo or to subtly move your text. The possibilities are endless with Canva Magic Animate, allowing you to create engaging and dynamic content that will captivate your audience. Elevate your designs to the next level by incorporating these innovative animation tools into your projects.

Canva AI: Magic Write

Magic Write

You understand the value of compelling and strong copy as a content provider. Canva Magic Write can help with that. With the aid of this AI-powered design tool, you can easily create captivating material and elevate your writing to new levels.

With Magic Write, an AI text generator integrated right into Canva, creating long- or short-form written material for your blog posts, presentations, and social media posts is made simpler. Additionally, it offers built-in tools for companies. Canva for Teams customers may establish a brand voice, which enables Magic Write to create a unified look for various team members.

Magic Write, like any AI-powered writing tool, is ideal for brainstorming and helping you “unstuck” when you’re experiencing writer’s block. But short-form content is where the technology really excels. Suppose you have to create content on several different social media networks. Rather than wasting hours composing the ideal message for every individual, you can let the tool perform its AI-powered magic.


From the information above, Canva Artificial Intelligence provides amazing tools for producing presentations, altering movies, and creating and manipulating graphics. Such functionalities can be found in a plethora of AI programs, such as ChatGPT and Midjourney, but it can be difficult to find them all in one place.

Canva seems to have a bright future ahead of it, even though there is room for improvement in several areas, such as its Magic Expand, Magic Eraser, and AI video creator, giving clear competition to Antropic’s Claude AI.

To master the art of creation, all you have to do is learn how to incorporate these AI elements into your workflow. Canva AI will undoubtedly improve workflow and expedite the process for all types of organizations, including startups, small ones, marketers, and professors.

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