What CRM Software is Best For a Small Startup Business?

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Last Updated: June 19, 2024

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Customer Relationship Management or CRM is the software system that allows your business to disseminate itself throughout the land. Just by growing up its interaction with customers & targeted audience and analyzing the information of its leads for better customer engagement.

Furthermore, perform various tasks such as tracking the customer journey, and manage all records by making their separate records, Keep all records at a single place.

Well, there are multiple categories available of CRM systems such as open CRM software, free CRM software, collaborative CRM software, operational CRM software, etc. But here we’ll introduce you to the CRM basic CRM software that can add upswings to your business and can make your business more advanced.

To take the complete godsend of a CRM system in your business, you need to consider the best CRM software first. So, let’s move toward the list of the top 5 Customer Relationship Management Software applications.

Top 5 CRM Software For Small Startup Business

  • SuiteCRM
  • Salesforce
  • HubSpot CRM
  • Zoho CRM
  • Freshsales CRM
  • Wellyx CRM

Now, it’s time to get to know every single CRM software in detail. With a detailed view of all Customer Relationship Management software, you will be aware of the features and the pricing plan of the CRMs. And then you can easily go through the software vendor evaluation process and take the ideal one for your business growth. So, without making it more delayed, let’s begin!



SuiteCRM is the no. 1 world open source CRM software And it has been integrated with various software applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Outlook, Mailchimp, Linkedin, Google Maps, GoToMeeting, Zoom, Gmail, etc.


  • Provide training to users and developers
  • Offer migration help and Support option
  • User and developer guide support
  • Add-ons integration option
  • Proper roadmap
  • Available Demo Option
  • Easy consultancy and implementation


4.2 / 5

Pricing Plan

The pricing of the SuiteCRM software has been divided into 3 plans called Silver, Gold, and Platinum. All plan of SuiteCRM pricing provides different features. The Silver plan is accessible at $2,489 which would be valid for 12 months and for 15 hours max.

Where you will be available to use forum access, email support, portal support 1 nominator user, and help desk support for a limited time. For the Gold pricing plan you have to pay $4,977 which would be accessible for the same duration means 12 months with 30 hours of support.

In which you will be accessible to run all functionality of the Silver plan with 2 nominated users. And the last one called the Platinum plan practical at $8,296 in which you’ll get all functionality of the Gold plan & maximum of 50 hours of support. Additionally, get telephone support and 6 nominated user functionality.

All the pricing plans of the SuiteCRM users include some additional features, for a better understanding you must visit the site.



This one is customer support CRM software that provides instant and up-to-the-mark case resolution. The Salesforce CRM is best for digital channels as it provides engaging portals.


  • Live chat support
  • Training support
  • Supportive for desktop platforms as well as mobile devices
  • Available in 12 languages
  • Deliver integration functionality
  • Live chat support
  • Auto-response functionality in web and email cases.
  • Language translation support


4.3 / 5

Pricing Plan

The Salesforce has created different pricing plans for different kinds of business necessities such as starter, professional, enterprise, and unlimited. The plans would be accessible at $25, $75, $150, and $300 respectively.

The Starter one at $25 per user per month will give you only integration functionality where you are allowed to integrate your email with Gmail or Outlook. The second one called “professional will be available at $75 per user & per month and will provide you the features of the starter plans plus pipeline management and forecast management.

The next plan, called “Enterprise Plan” will be accessible at $150 per user per month where you’re free to use functionalities of starter & professional plus more. And, will also allow you to use workflow and approval automation features.

And the ultimate plan which is known as the “Unlimited Plan” will be accessible at $300 per user per month which will cover the features of all other plans and will provide you with some extra features as well. The additional features will be sales insight, sales engagement, and the premier success plan.


HubSpot CRM

Hubspot is an automated Customer Relationship Management software that provides 24/7 services and keeps a 360-degree view of the customers’ details. While constant contact also provides the same features. For a better perception, you may go for “Hubspot vs Constant Contact” and become aware of it.


  • Live chat Support
  • Forum and FAQ functionality
  • Supported to the web, iPhone/iPad, and Android platform
  • Deliver 24/7 customer services
  • Knowledge base and help desk support
  • Provide multiple training options such as video, content, live system, webinar, etc
  • Activity tracking
  • Task management
  • Calendar/reminder system
  • Integration system support


4.5 / 5

Pricing Plan

The Hubspot pricing plan of CRM software has been classified into three categories where you will get different functionalities with their pricing plans. The pricing plans are Starter, professional, and enterprise.

The Starter one is available for $39 per month. In which you will get functionalities like free software applications, email automation, and forum automation. Additionally, email marketing, landing page, live chat, chat automation, and more.

Next is the professional one, available for $696 per month where you fill to get the services like all starter-up features plus omnichannel marketing automation.

Furthermore, ABM (Account Based Marketing) tool & automation, various language content, video hosting & management, campaign management, collaboration tools, A/B testing, and custom & campaign reporting. And, phone support, integration, social media support, Website traffic analytics, contact scoring, and Advertisement conversion events. For independent professionals and small teams, leveraging the right tools for freelancers can significantly boost productivity and streamline various tasks. These tools are designed to help manage projects, communicate effectively, and optimize overall workflow.

The last one called Enterprise is usable at $2784 per month that allows you to use all features of the professional plan plus a single sign-on. Besides, field-level permission option, email send frequency cap, adaptive testing, sandbox, multi-touch revenue, predictive lead scoring, event trigger & reporting, data partitioning, custom object, and more.


Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM system is a secure cloud storage software that provides various fully featured functionality to the sales management team. And available with the basic plan which is free for everyone.


  • Deliver a smooth integration process
  • Provide automation functionality
  • Omnichannel platform marketing
  • Predictive sales
  • Marketing automation
  • Offer Customization feature
  • Lead, deal, and contact management
  • Team collaboration
  • Workflow automation
  • Remote Work
  • Customer Portal
  • Social media support


4 /5

Pricing Plan

You can use the Zoho CRM by choosing its best pricing plan for you, which available in four terms are free, professional, enterprise, and standard.

You can use the basic one known as “free plan” where you’ll get functionality like page customization, web forms, marketing automation, integration with social platforms, and standard reports. Also, lead, contact, and account management functionalities.

The next to the free plan is called the “Standard plan” accessible to you at $14 per user per month which will provide you with the features of the free plan and will get some other betterment. Such as Sales forecasting, scoring rules, charts and KPIs, web forms, and documents library, call center connectors, security, custom fields, encrypted transmission, and more.

In the professional plan, you will get all free & standard plans’ functionality plus more advanced features only at $23 per user per month. Where you’ll be able to use email integration, the blueprint of your business process, and Google Advertisement integration. Not only but also, will get inventory management, sales signals, macros, and social CRM functionalities.

The last and the most advanced one called the “Enterprise plan” will be usable at $40 per user per month, you will have all plans’ functionality and will get some progressive features. The progressive features would be subforms & encryption features, mobile SDK & app distribution, various user portals, and conversational AI called Zia-voice. Furthermore, target meter detectors, predictive AI, and more


Freshsales CRM

This CRM software is advanced in terms of customer engagement since it allows you to use the AI contact scoring feature. This functionality helps you to have a deep understanding of your customers’ behavior by having a 360-degree view of the customer.


  • Sales compensation, contract management, sales acceleration, sales intelligence.
  • Account-based marketing, content marketing, email marketing, SMS marketing event marketing, and marketing automation.
  • Around-the-clock customer service
  • Design and development
  • Digital advertising & Hosting
  • IT infrastructure and management
  • Analytics tools and software – text analysis, predictive analytics, drone analytics, statistical analytics, data visualization, business intelligence and more
  • Collaboration and productivity – team collaboration, idea leadership, meeting management, video conferencing
  • Data privacy


4.5 / 5

Pricing Plan

Just like the other Customer Relationship Management services pricing plans, Freshsales has also distributed its pricing plans into three categories. So, you just need to find the one which is best for your business from the Growth, Pro, and Enterprise

The Growth one plan is accessible at $15 which will make you able to use contact, account, and deal management features. Plus, will deliver pipeline management, classic forms, and 2-way sync, CRM features a marketplace, predictive contact scoring, live chat, and Gmail and Outlook plugin features.

For a little better experience, you’re able to use the Pro Plan which is available at $39 & delivers you all features of the growth pricing plan & furtherance. The further list carries features like advanced reporting, custom roles, responsive & lead generation bots, event tracking, lead scoring, custom fields, sales pipelines, territory management, and more

And the most advanced plan is Enterprise which you can use at $69 & can get all features of the Growth & Pro plan and some more added features. Here, the additional features would be like audio logs & audio profile enrichment, Queue callback, 10 custom modules, field-level permissions, an account manager, and Sales & AI forecasting insight.


Wellyx CRM

Wellyx provides the best gym CRM software that is known to provide a complete solution to all challenges. With its wide range of features, it can help businesses manage their client profiles, memberships, appointments, payments, and after-service rewards.  Wellyx CRM is the most comprehensive solution for businesses in the fitness and wellness industry.


  • Easy memberships and package management
  • Online booking tool for customers
  • Reward-based loyalty program
  • Easy drag-and-drop digital forms and waivers
  • Gift card creation and tracking
  • Customized mobile app that provides a handy solution
  • Automate waiting list and Scheduling


4.9/ 5

Pricing Plan

Wellyx offers three different pricing plans based on the different sizes of businesses. Further, all their packages are available to add on according to business needs.

Their first pricing plan is Excel, with a monthly payment of $79. This plan offers them all the basic CRM functionalities, including membership, scheduler, mobile apps, waiting list, online booking, digital forms, gift cards, and customer management. This plan is the most affordable plan, providing all the necessities that a starter needs.

The next plan Exceeds with a monthly payment of $119. This package is the extended version of the Excel plan. It covers all the features of the Excel plan, and further, it offers promotional codes, gift cards, and loyalty program tools. 

The most popular plan of the Wellyx CRM is Ultimate, with a monthly payment of $149. This package covers all of the features of Excela and Exceed packages. Furthermore, you will be allowed to add SEO services, custom WordPress websites, and branded apps.


If you are running a small business and looking for the best CRM software for your startup then this article is for you. Since, in this article, we’ve figured out the top 5 Customer Relationship Management Software for small businesses/startups within their features list, reviews, and pricing plans. Now, you just need to consider the best one for your online business based on your business requirements. So, without further ado, let’s jump into the article and grasp the ideal one.

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