How To Earn Money With YouTube Shorts?

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Last Updated: October 19, 2023

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YouTube Shorts are 15-60 second vertical videos that have exploded in popularity on YouTube. Many content creators are now using Shorts as a way to grow their audience and earn money. w

In this article, we’ll look at the various ways you can monetize your YouTube shorts and start earning an income.

Get YouTube Shorts Ad Revenue

The main way to earn money directly from your YouTube Shorts is through the YouTube Shorts Fund. This is an initiative by YouTube to pay creators for their popular short content.

To be eligible for Shorts ad revenue, you need:

●     At least 1,000 subscribers on your channel

●     10 million Shorts views should be there in the last 90 days before your payment

●     Comply with YouTube’s monetization policies

The amount you can earn depends on your viewership and engagement relative to other Shorts creators. The more views and engagement your Shorts get, the more money you’ll make. YouTube doesn’t disclose the exact CPM rates for Shorts. But based on creator reports, you can expect to earn $0.10 – $0.30 per 1,000 views.

So if you have a Short that gets 1 million views, you could earn $100 – $300 in ad revenue from that video alone. Pretty decent for a 15-60-second video. If you want to maximize your earnings, you may also consider exploring options to block YouTube Ads to reduce ad distractions for your viewers and potentially boost engagement.

Use Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works very well with Shorts. You can easily promote affiliate products in your short videos.

When viewers click your affiliate links and purchase products, you earn a commission. Commission rates vary depending on the retailer but are typically 5-15%.

Some popular affiliate programs to use with Shorts include:

●     Amazon Associates – Earn commissions promoting millions of Amazon products.

●     ShareASale – Choose from over 4,000 merchant affiliate programs.

●     CJ Affiliate – Access affiliate offers from leading brands.

●     Rakuten – Earn cash back on purchases and get affiliate commissions.

The key is to integrate affiliate links seamlessly into your Shorts content. Provide value to your audience first, then recommend relevant products you genuinely like and use yourself.

Sell Merchandise

You can also leverage your YouTube Shorts audience to sell merchandise and physical products.

Add links to your merch store in your Shorts video descriptions. You can use sites like Teespring that handle product creation & shipping for you. Or you can set up your own online store.

Types of merch you can sell include:

●     T-shirts, hoodies, hats – great for building brand awareness

●     Posters, phone cases – ideal for niche fan groups

●     Stickers, mugs, water bottles – evergreen passive income

Your Shorts act as marketing to promote your merchandise. This turns your viewers into potential customers. Even if you only get a small percentage to buy, merchandise can add a healthy revenue stream.

End cards are clickable overlays that appear at the end of your videos. These are great for promoting other content.

You can add end cards to your Shorts linking to:

●     Your long-form YouTube videos – redirect viewers to more valuable content

●     Your channel homepage – increase overall channel views

●     Related Shorts – keep viewers binging on your content

●     Playlist of your Shorts – make it easy to view more of your Shorts

End cards help retain viewers, increase watch time, and promote other monetized content. This provides more opportunities to earn ad revenue and subscriber loyalty.

Redirect Viewers To Make Money Elsewhere

While Shorts themselves offer limited monetization, you can use them to direct viewers to other income streams.

Some ideas:

●     Link to your YouTube live streams – Super chats bring in revenue

●     Redirect to an email list – Build an audience you own to sell info products

●     Promote paid online courses or coaching services

●     Drive traffic to money-making sites like Patreon or Substack

●     Mention your podcast or link to an audio platform like Audible

The traffic from popular Shorts gives you the perfect platform to promote other monetizable projects. So take advantage of it.

Partner With Brands

As your channel grows, you can start getting brand sponsorships for your Shorts.

Brands are eager to reach engaged mobile audiences. And they love working with creators who make fun, shareable video ads tailored for Shorts.

You can charge brands for:

●     Promoting their products or services in your Shorts

●     Creating custom #shorts content for their brand

●     Product placements within your Short stories

●     Takeovers of your Shorts channel for a day

●     Appearing or mentioning their brand in your videos

The key is building an audience niche that aligns with potential sponsor interests. A travel creator, for example, can easily get tourism board sponsorships. Fitness creators attract supplement & athletic brands.

So ensure you have a clear, targeted audience and content strategy. This will make you stand out to sponsors.

Recap: How To Make Money With Youtube Shorts

Here are the main ways creators earn with YouTube shorts:

●     Get a share of ad revenue through the YouTube Shorts Fund

●     Use affiliate links to products mentioned in your Shorts

●     Sell custom merchandise designs promoted in your Shorts

●     Leverage end cards to promote monetized long-form videos

●     Redirect to other income sources like Livestream Super Chats

●     Partner with brands relevant to your audience for sponsorships

The more engaging your Shorts, the more ways you can monetize your audience. Focus on building your channel and brand authority first. With a loyal audience established, you can explore multiple income avenues. Consider innovative approaches like making money using ChatGPT to enhance your content and engage your viewers in new and exciting ways.

Stay consistent, find your niche, and provide value above all else. Do this, and soon YouTube Shorts can become a full-time income source!

How Much Money Can You Make From 1000 Youtube Shorts Views?

You can expect to earn around $0.10 – $0.30 per 1,000 Shorts views. So with 1,000 views, you’ll likely make $0.10 – $0.30. The exact amount depends on your CPM rate and monetization methods.

Can You Monetize YouTube Shorts Without 1000 Subscribers?

No, you need at least 1,000 subscribers to be eligible to monetize Shorts through the YouTube Partner Program. If you don’t have 1k subscribers yet, focus on building your audience first before worrying about monetization.

What Are Some Tips For Creating Viral Shorts?

●     Use attention-grabbing thumbnails and titles

●     Leverage trending audio, effects, and hashtags

●     Build off viral video ideas and make them your own

●     Encourage shares, comments, and engagement

●     Stay on top of platform updates and best practices

How Many Views are needed on Youtube Shorts in order To Make Money?

There’s no fixed view threshold for making money. However, to qualify for ad revenue through the Shorts Fund, you’ll need at least 10 million Shorts views in the past 90 days. The more views and engagement you drive, the more money you can make.

Yes, you can add affiliate links to products mentioned in your Shorts video descriptions. Just make sure to provide value first before promoting stuff for your own monetary gain. Disclosing affiliate relationships is also encouraged.


In conclusion, YouTube Shorts presents a promising opportunity for creators to earn money and reach a wider audience through short-form, engaging videos. By leveraging elements like monetization features, brand partnerships, and audience engagement, content creators can turn their passion into a source of income. With dedication and creativity, YouTube Shorts can open doors to financial success while providing a platform for innovative storytelling and content creation


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