Revolutionising Business- How AR VR Application can boost your Brand Recognition 

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Last Updated: July 10, 2024

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According to Statistic records, 98 million people are predicted to become users of VR hardware and 23 million users are expected to integrate AR applications in their daily lives by 2027.

The problem with creating and sustaining competitive advantage is that in the current global village where the clock is ticking, new concepts are budding every minute from every corner of the world. Flexibility & creative operation are the two measures that can let one able to excel. The ever-rising progression in technology is engaging an overhaul of the business field. It is not only the fundamental core of each sector but also the directional element for the change and trends of the sector. 

We are developing at an unprecedented rate than ever before. To stay ahead of the game, you need to be quick with adaptability and innovation. Extended Reality is the game changer in this domain. 

Let’s dive deeper into XR (Extended Reality) further. However, if you already have an idea about it, then switch to AR solutions for agencies.  

What are XR, VR, and AR? 

In general, Extended Reality (XR) is a vast digital universe that exists alongside the real world. It is a collaborative space where either we layer it over the digital onto the real to expand its prospects or transcend into the digital completely blocking out the real. The latter Virtual Reality (VR), is mostly employed in Games, Entertainment, and Military Training. The last one  Augmented Reality (AR) offers extensive applications across various industries, enhancing their performance significantly. Be it a creative tribe, developers, agencies, medicine, education or automobiles it is helpful for all.

Augmented Reality Solutions for Agencies

Augmented and Virtual reality has become the favorite of business models in the past few years. Businesses and agencies providing online services or retail are the largest users of Spatial computing.

Interactive Ads that create traction  

Ads are an important part of creating some buzz and appeal among target customers. It is the only route to directly engaging with your audience. By integrating AR and VR you can build a connection with the customers or make an impact on their memory in such a way they keep thinking about your product. The new technology is immersive and intriguing. AR ads can step into streets from walls and billboards to interact with the audience. It is cost-effective and also eliminates the hassle of setting up large billboards. 

3D Product visualization

The B2C sector covers 55% of the whole market industry. Shortly, Augmented Reality’s (AR) revenue per user is expected to grow further by 56.5%. This data gives away a very important message- AR is the future. And why not? Using it agencies are achieving higher comparatively higher customer satisfaction. With its tailored experience and insightful product visualization, customers have also come to understand that the industry possesses great potential.  Why would they not choose a platform that is responsive to their actions and caters to their demand? With 3D product visualization, agencies can provide customers with the satisfaction of e-commerce. Not only the e-commerce businesses but the creators, designers, and developers can also avail of AR solutions to enhance their portfolio. 

Reduced rate of return 

If the customer is making an informed purchase where they are already familiar with the product, it will drastically decrease the return rate. This feature is essential for e-commerce websites. 

Enhanced storytelling

People don’t buy products or services, they buy stories in the form of it. Companies that have the potential to sell stories are often spotted at the top of the pyramid. With XR, you don’t only sell stories that connect, you sell stories that can be experienced. 

Product packaging 

Unique and attractive product packaging makes a brand recognizable. With Augmented Reality, you can present creative product packaging that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. Ideally, businesses use packaging to display product and brand information. By using it one can communicate with customers and inform them about company campaigns and promotions. However, sometimes small packaging might not have the full potential to relay the messages. Augmented reality product packaging can help companies connect better with customers and relay information in a creative way. 


We can conclude that XR has an unmatched potential to grow the business industry by weaponizing it with creative as well as innovative freedom. Using AR, agencies can create an immersive and interactive experience for their customers and connect better with them. PlugXR is a creative agency helping businesses connect with their customers in a better way using the power of AR, VR, and 3D product visualization technology. To know more, register at PlugXR or book a demo with us. 

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