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For someone with an enterprising drive, owning a small business may be the ideal career, but every business endeavor has its unique set of difficulties. In actuality, launching any kind of business requires a lot of labor, and you need an idea first.

The first step is to come up with a solid business concept that has the ability to grow over time and a built-in clientele. Because e-commerce is easier to get started with than launching a physical store, many people find that beginning an online business is an excellent place to start. 

Starting an online automated business is not a one-time, life-changing technique. Just like any other kind of enterprise, sweat equity and devotion are necessary.

In this blog we will discuss the top 11 Ai based automated business ideas, know its pros & cons, and more.

11 Automated Business Ideas

  • 1. Start an IoT Startup

  • 2. AI-based Chatbot Automated Business

  • 3. Dropshipping Business

  • 4. Develop a SEO Software

  • 5. Start Online Retail Store

  • 6. Accounting Software Business

  • 7. Create Digital Wallet App

  • 8. AI Enabled Recruiting Platform

  • 9. AI-Powered Property Management

  • 10. Intelligent Cybersecurity Systems

  • 11. Inventory management

1.Start an IoT Startup

The 1st business idea in the list is to start an IoT startup. The focus of an Internet of Things startup is on internet-connected devices that can be accessed remotely via the internet.

To launch and create a successful automated business in the Internet of things, find out what the end users require. Utilize the resources at your disposal to make the application user-friendly. Workable prototypes should then be made, tested, and the application should be developed with the primary goal in mind.

The expected income from this business can range between 400$ to 250000$ monthly.

2. AI-based Chatbot Automated Business

An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot is a computer program that mimics a normal human conversation to help clients feel more convenient. Chatbots analyze and comprehend user words and phrases to provide a predetermined response instantly. 

Businesses digitize and automate in order to become more efficient in the competitive world of today. Applications based on AI are therefore in greater demand than ever. Thus, launching an application for creating AI chatbot can be beneficial. Income between the range of 500$ to 130000$ can be expected from this fully automated business.

3. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping is a business concept that allows you to sell things to customers without keeping inventory.Rather, you purchase the product from a third-party provider upon a customer’s purchase, and the supplier ships it straight to the customer.

To start this business you need to set up your online store using platforms like WooCommerce, Shopify, and Spocket. and Venturz Then, find suitable suppliers from AliExpress or Alibaba and list products on your store. 

Monthly income of between 4000$ to 250000$ can be generated from this business, for growth of your business focus on customer service and marketing.

4. Develop a SEO Software

Software for search engine optimization (SEO) is computer programs that manage backlinks, optimize website content, and do other SEO chores.

To obtain any traffic to your website or blog, search engine optimization (SEO) is a must. Even if we are SEO specialists, some of us are novices in the field. Not only is SEO a craft, but it’s also an art.It is more than possible to make money creating your own SEO software. Additionally, it enables you to communicate with users of your product and leverage the data you get to identify best practices. Monthly income of 1500$ to 400000$ can be expected from this automated business.

5.Start Online Retail Store

It’s easy to launch an online retail store. A computer, a domain name, and a web hosting service are all you need or you can register your business on online retail marketing sites like Amazon, etc. Next, choose an online store specialty and carry out product research before selling any products.

You have two options for starting your internet store: either list your handmade goods there or use a drop shipping business plan.

A business on Amazon allows you to reach millions of customers worldwide. By utilizing Amazon’s extensive distribution network and large customer base, entrepreneurs can focus more on product development and marketing and less on logistics. Amazon offers various tools and services, such as “Fulfillment by Amazon” (FBA), with which Amazon takes care of the storage, packaging, and shipping of inventory to facilitate the growth of a business. In addition,sellers on Amazon can also use certain Amazon Seller Software, which allows them to find suitable products to sell on Amazon. Plus, automate Amazon advertising to streamline and enhance the marketing efforts to ensure that your products are reaching efficiently to the right audience

From this business, you can make between 4000$ to 500000$ of monthly income.

6. Accounting Software Business

The use of cloud based accounting software is crucial for any company. Businesses are unable to maintain track of their debtors, creditors, assets, and liabilities without an official accounting system.

Experts claim that the market for automated business of cutting-edge accounting software is growing faster than that of traditional software. Additionally, the market for accounting software can grow and evolve because traditional accounting software is not technologically competitive. Between 20000$ to 1100000$ of monthly income can be generated in this business. Conducting a VRIO analysis can help identify the unique resources and capabilities of your accounting software business, ensuring it has a sustainable competitive advantage.

7. Create Digital Wallet App

An app for mobile financial transactions is called a digital wallet. People want to be able to pay with their digital wallets and buy everything they want in this digital age.

Making digital payments is now simpler than ever due to advancements in technology day by day. Online payments can be made and accepted by anyone using mobile payment platforms. As a result, developing a digital wallet for payments may present a fantastic business opportunity.

Make a business plan and carry out in-depth market research before developing a digital wallet. Hiring capable programmers to build a safe payment gateway would be beneficial.

8. AI Enabled Recruiting Platform

This is top automated business in industry, AI recruiting platforms may dramatically increase hiring volumes and quality while cutting costs by sourcing and sifting thousands of resumes, conducting automated skills testing and initial interviews at scale, and optimizing for diversity.

Startups have the potential to transform the talent acquisition industry by allowing recruiters to concentrate exclusively on strategic workforce planning and culture-fit assessments.

Numerous more AI HR use cases include anticipating retention risk,providing individualized training recommendations, and examining the relationship between management behavior and employee turnover.

9. AI-Powered Property Management

Using historical occupancy data, market rate changes, and external factors such as seasonality, events, and new construction, AI algorithms may recommend ideal dynamic pricing for units across whole portfolios to maximize rental yield. Systems for predictive maintenance can schedule repairs ahead of time, even before a tenant complains.

Chatbots free up priceless human capital by providing round-the-clock assistance for routine inquiries regarding payments and maintenance requests. AI innovation has plenty of opportunity in the worldwide PropTech sector, which is projected to reach $32.2 billion by 2030.

10. Intelligent Cybersecurity Systems

Intelligent (AI) algorithms that identify abnormalities and dangers instantly offer automated reaction and managed detection for endpoints, networks, data stores, apps, and users.

Automated business startups in the cybersecurity space can provide unique AI solutions designed to thwart ever-more-sophisticated hacking efforts across many industries. Among the innovative solutions in this field are automated vulnerability assessments, sophisticated malware detection, insider threat detection, smart identity and access governance, and others.

11. Inventory management

Inventory management’s automated business procedures make an organization’s operations more resilient and less susceptible to interruption. Order placing, inventory tracking, and supplier and distributor contact are a few examples of inventory-related procedures that can be automated.

Benefits and Features Automated Businesses

1. An AI business name generator uses artificial intelligence to quickly create unique and relevant business names based on your input, such as keywords and industry specifics. 

2. As this tool is highly efficient and effective, you can save your precious time by generating a wide array of creative name options with this tool to resonate with your brand.

3. You can ensure the name’s uniqueness by checking against existing databases and domain registries while using this tool. This will assist you in avoiding legal issues and securing a strong online presence.

Pros And Cons Of AI Automated Business


  • Improved Decision Making
  • Operational Efficiency
  • Favorable Marketing Dynamics
  • Competitive Differentiation
  • Increased Relevance


  • Talent Shortage
  • Data Scarcity
  • Long Development Cycle

Final Words

AI-powered disruption is potential across various verticals, with ambitious founders able to identify customer pain points and unlock multi-billion-dollar opportunities. AI Automated business ideas, including data science and machine learning startup, provide fertile ground for innovation, opening up exciting growth avenues.

Through the combination of domain expertise, strategic data sets, and robust technical teams, AI firms can effectively scale in the face of hockey stick market growth. Those who get on the AI wave early will be rewarded with legendary companies in the next wave.

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