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Last Updated: April 16, 2024

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Effortless URL Validation: In the digital realm, the validity of URLs is crucial for maintaining the integrity of web resources. This blog will introduce a method to identify invalid URLs using Google Sheets and Apps Script, ensuring your links are always up to date.

Setting Up Your Google Sheet

Organizing for Accuracy: Prepare a Google Sheet with three columns to list URLs, their status, and response codes. Populate the first column with the URLs to be checked, and leave the second and third columns blank for the status and response codes that the script will generate.

Implementing the Apps Script

The Heart of Automation: Navigate to ‘Extensions’ and select Apps Script to open a new project. Use the provided function to automate the detection of invalid URLs within your sheet. This script will also retrieve the HTTP status code for each URL, indicating its current state.

Running the Script

Execution Made Simple: Save your script and execute it. The process will complete in seconds, and you can monitor its progress in the execution log. Once finished, your Google Sheet will display the status and response codes for each URL, distinguishing between live and non-live links.

Analyzing the Results

Understanding the Outcomes: Review the filled columns to determine the validity of each URL. A ‘Live’ status indicates a working URL, while ‘Not Live’ suggests an issue, such as a 404 error for broken links or a 503 code for servers that are temporarily unavailable.


Streamlining Web Management: With Google Apps Script, you can automate the tedious task of checking URL validity. This method provides a quick and reliable way to ensure all your web resources are functional, saving you time and maintaining your site’s reliability.

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