Oracle SCM 24B Release: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency

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Last Updated: July 11, 2024

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Oracle SCM 24B Release brings a major evolutionary enhancement in the supply chain management arena. This latest release includes further enhancements that are intended to address organizational and operations needs in different sectors.

Streamlined Supply Chain Processes

Oracle SCM 24B Release provides improved automation and integration of supply chain procedures to improve efficiency. It facilitates the flow of goods from procurement to distribution with efficiency in the use of resources and minimizing costs. 

Enhanced visibility and analytics

Another major improvement of Oracle SCM 24B Release is the improved visibility and analytical tools. It enables companies to get immediate information on supply chain performance and make informed decisions quickly. This feature increases the firm’s flexibility in responding to market changes and customer needs. 

Integrated Testing Platform

Oracle SCM 24B Release has an enhanced testing environment to facilitate smooth implementation and maintainability of the system. This platform offers an excellent opportunity to test new features and updates before their release to prevent system failures. Thus, through rigorous testing, organizations are in a position to introduce new features and enhancements without disrupting normal business operations. This preventive testing strategy shows that Oracle is dedicated to providing robust supply chain management solutions that enable business processes to continue without interruption and adhere to best practices of operational excellence.

Improved Collaboration and Communication

Enhancing collaboration and communication within supply chain networks is another important area addressed by the Oracle SCM 24B Release. This update presents new communication options and collaboration features to help foster teamwork across stakeholders. These features help in improving decision-making and problem-solving skills, thus improving the operations of the supply chain. This proactive approach not only enhances the collaboration but also enhances the relationship between partners which leads to better communication and efficient management of supply chain flow. 

Optimized Inventory Management

Accurate inventory management is of paramount importance for maintaining operational effectiveness. Oracle SCM 24B Release helps businesses in inventory management through its features of predictive analytics for demand forecasting so that businesses do not run out of stock while avoiding extra costs for holding excessive inventory. It offers businesses a complete solution for managing their inventory needs.

Scalability and Flexibility

The purpose of Oracle SCM 24B Release is to provide scalable and adaptable solutions that let businesses react swiftly to changes in the market and demands on operations. Because of its flexible architecture and wide range of customization possibilities, it allows for efficient growth without sacrificing performance. This update facilitates supply chain management across various organizational levels and kinds by improving flexibility to modify in response to evolving business requirements. As a result, Oracle SCM 24B Release continues to be a valuable tool for businesses looking to improve their supply chain management processes and promote steady expansion in highly competitive markets.


In conclusion, the Oracle SCM 24B Release represents a giant step forward in supply chain management technology, increasing effectiveness, transparency, and cooperation. Opkey, a leading Oracle testing platform and certified partner of Oracle has a highly important role in the proper functionality of these features. It has reduced the time taken to certify Oracle Cloud quarterly updates from weeks to just 3 days. Its predictive intelligence helps in reducing testing time by highlighting the important areas that require testing before deployment including transactions, configurations, and custom screens. This approach helps to minimize the manual intervention, and attention is paid to high-risk cases and their dependencies. Opkey provides end-to-end validation of processes, business flows, security, and integration based on design specifications for effective and accurate testing in current and new customer environments.

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